Grey water can be defined as any domestic wastewater produced, excluding sewage. The main difference between grey water and sewage (or black water) is the organic loading. Sewage has a much larger organic loading compared to grey water.


Grey Water this is water that has been used for cleaning. While it isn’t clean enough for drinking, it can be used for other purposes. The vast majority of the water we use in our homes actually goes down the drain as grey water, not black water. So need Grey Water Treatment Plant to reuse the water.

Grey Water Treatment Plant in Pune



  • The Grey Water Treatment falls under the concept of source separation which is one principle commonly applied in ecological sanitation approaches. The main advantage of keeping grey water separate from toilet wastewater is that the pathogen load is much reduced and the grey water is therefore easier to treat and reuse.
  • When grey water is mixed with toilet wastewater, it is called sewage or black water and should be treated in Grey Water Treatment Plant or onsite sewage facility, which often is a septic system. When it is kept separate, it may open up interesting decentralized treatment and reuse options.
  • The Grey Water Treatment processes that can be used are in principle the same as those used for sewage treatment, except that they are usually installed on a smaller scale (decentralized level), often at household or building level:
  • Biological systems such as constructed wet lands or living walls and bioreactors or more compact systems such as membrane bioreactors which are a variation of the activated sludge process and is also used to treat sewage.
  • Mechanical systems (sand filtration, lava filter systems and systems based on UV radiation)


  • Highly compact (20-50% smaller than conventional treatment plants).
  • Completely plug and play (Quick installation, no on-site fabrication).
  • Low operating costs (Reduced electricity bills, no dedicated operator required and remote monitoring option).
  • No waste (Reuse treated water for Cleaning, Flushing, HVAC)


  • EResidential Building
  • Industrial (Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Fisheries and Food Processing)
  • Commercial (shopping malls, commercial complexes, hospitals)
  • Hospitality (Hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, food courts and serviced apartments)

Produced from domestic activities such as, bathing, clothes laundry and washing dishes Grey Water is wastewater. By using the Grey Water Treatment Plant one can recycle this waste water for landscape irrigation and flushing purposes. As a result of using this Grey Water Treatment Plant , you can reduce usage of freshwater. Recycle and Reuse of Greywater by Grey Water Treatment Plant has to direct advantage that there will be a direct reduction of @ 40-45% in the quantity of Fresh Water required daily.

Why Recycle Greywater?

In the quantity of Fresh Water required daily there will be a direct reduction of @ 40-45%, Recycle and Reuse of Grey Water has direct advantage. Some of the advantages of Grey Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer are as follows:

  • From lumpsum billing most Municipal Bodies are shifting towards “Metered Billing” hence there shall be Continual Savings in Water bills year after year.
  • The availability shall become a question mark in times to come due to Scarcity of Fresh Water. The impact will reduce to a great extent of Greywater Recycling.
  • The Municipal Sewage/ Load on Common Treatment Plant shall be reduced. Hence need for Grey Water Recycling System shall also be reduced.

We believe Grey Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer is best suited for multi-family, commercial, and industrial scale systems. This Grey Water Recycling System can treat and reuse large volumes of water, and play a role in water conservation in dense urban housing developments, food processing and manufacturing facilities, schools, universities, and public buildings. Because Grey Water Recycling System relies on pumps and filtration systems, they are often designed by an engineer, are expensive to install and may require regular maintenance.

We believe that for residential Grey Water Treatment Plant simple designs are best. With Grey Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer you are not able to send greywater into an existing drip irrigation system, but must shape your landscape to allow water to infiltrate into the soil. To use gravity whenever possible, we recommend simple, low-tech systems, instead of pumps. We prefer Grey Water Recycling System that are designed to avoid clogging, rather than relying on filters and drip irrigation.