Our association with WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd started way back in 2011 when we installed their first project in one of our buildings in the fast developing NIBM area of the city. It was a waste water treatment plant. Waste water treatment is the need for the hour and we realised it then. The government had also added that in EC norms. Since using recycled water is cheaper than getting fresh water, it is used in our societies for flushing. Over 10 projects of ours have WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd systems. The capacity in most of them is between 15 to 35 kilo liters per hour (KLD). The biggest one is installed in one of societies called Three Jewels.

We understand the that job that WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd is doing is tedious, painstaking and highly demanding but they are good at it. We are happy to say that we have had great service from them.

Kolte Patil Developers Ltd. work as a company where we take care of the water treatment plants whenever an issue arrives. Our involvement is deep, Even if we handover to the society, we make sure that proper training is given to the other people working on it. The residents of the society are my clients and we are supposed to intervene if the water treatment plant needs work. But, no plant yet has shown any major problems with any of STPs from WTE. What is a positive development that the awareness levels of people with regard to water treatment are on the rise.

As a normal course of action, WTE is working continuously on improving themselves. This is a great way to be. Be it site extension or complaints, we have meetings with the team and get the issue resolved. Whenever we feel there is any improvement needed, we give them suggestions and they do develop and work on it. For Kolte Patil Developers Ltd, WTE are reliable business partners as we end up working for the same client -the residents. The work of WTE is technically very sound and we are very happy with the services too.

D K Patil
Senior Manager- Services and Purchase
Kolte Patil Developers Ltd.

The first project by WTE was installed in 1999 at Ganga Nebula in Vimannagar a water treatment plant. There was then a major problem of water scarcity there as far as provision of water from the municipal corporation went. So we built a well and installed a domestic WTE water treatment plant on it. However, the water was too hard and so we installed a softener. Then in 2015, at Ganga Cypress we erected a STP and till now we have completed over 10 projects with WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.

All our projects are green projects with STP, WTP and rainwater harvesting. We have been doing this from the very beginning. Now these things have been added in EC norms, but we have been doing since the time it was not mandatory. We did it as a matter of principle and belief.

The number dams cannot increase in direct proportion to the rapidly increasing population count. Making every drop of water count--and recycling it wherever possible-is the need of the hour. That said, the awareness with regard to the ways and means of utilization of waste water has to increase and it has to be used to its maximum. The construction is done in a way where for gardening, flushing and car wash only waste water isused. The designs of pipeline fitting for flush and in the outdoor taps or common area come from the STP.

When we handover to the society, we make an MOU of the common amenities that the maintenance of the product will be done by the maker. So it is generally maintained and the makers easily handle it.

This association started way back in 1999. Our founder-director Umesh Goel and the director of WTE Askok Kulkarni happened to be friends and both of them decided to install a WTE system in one of the plants. In those days, the awareness was not there about the water treatment systems, in fact, it has only increased only after 2005. From the very beginning the rapport between the two companies has been great. The understanding from both the sides is good and since both the service as well as the excellent quality of the plants have been consistent, there never was any need to stop. There was never a technical or financial issue, so as of today, all the projects have WTE plants in them.

Also WTE is authorised consultant for STPs, so they take care of everything. Approximately, WTE cleans 2 lakh liters of water per day for GGD.

Annuj Goel
Managing Director
Goel Ganga Development

The first order was given to WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. in 2014. We soon realised that both their service support and quality were great so we gave them another order in two years.

When we started our company in Ranjangaon, we realised that the water here was very bad. The water contained TDS 250 and many of our employees started getting stomach pains and also kidney stones. The MIDC water was hence not suitable for drinking. So we approached WTE for treatment of drinking water and got the RO plant from them. We had received quotations from many more companies, but we realised that service of WTE was very good indeed and we are very satisfied with the same. For us service is most important and we have received great support from WTE.

As far as WTE are concerned, they maintain a good stock of spare parts, so there has never been an availability issue and also they communicate quite well with us. The first plant was of 1,000 litre per hours, after two years our requirement increased and after been impressed with the service, we took the second plant in 2017. There have never been any services related issues or any communication issues. The people at WTE are really nice and down to earth.

Arvind Tugawe
Haier Appliances India Pvt. Ltd.

An RO plant was installed in 2014 at Barry Callebaut, Ranjangaon. This is the first branch of the Switzerland based company. We are in the food industry, hence, the TDS and hardness level of water has to be maintained at particular levels, so for the same, we needed an RO plant.

Since WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. were well-established in Ranjangaon MIDC area where they had already given plants, we decided to go with them. We did our own check on the service that they provided, which was also positive, so we took their plant. Our RO plant purifies about 500 liters per hour and that has been working really well till date. Whenever there have been any minor issues, we call the company and the person generally comes in a day or two and finds a solution. Even if is any issue immediately two days post servicing happened, they do not hesitate to visit and get the issue resolved.

These days, we need to understand that trees are decreasing tremendously and that the best way the waste water of the industries can be used is for plantation. Irrespective of any industry, ETP should just be made compulsory, and water has to be treated properly.

The Barry Callebaut Pvt. Ltd Switzerland was started in 1820, and India’s first plant came in Ranjangaon in 2014. Over the last 10 years an office in Mumbai has been taking care of trade, and our plant in India became important for the company. We make liquid chocolate and molding slabs at the Pune branch where over 120 employees work day to deliver the best quality product. Some of our clients include Unilever, Britannia and Kelloggs.

As far as WTE’s plant is concerned, the performance is really good, and spare parts are regularly changed so no it functions quite well.

Nilesh Nangare
Maintenance Lead
Barry Callebaut Pvt Ltd.

The company Exotech Zanini Industries Pvt. Ltd has a sand filter plant located at Ranjangaon since the last 4 years. Before we shifted here, we were first operational in Pirangut. We had fitted a sand filter in the Pirangut branch and when we shifted to Ranjangaon, we got the plant here. The quality and construction of the plant by WTE Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. is satisfactory. The service is also very prompt where it is mostly done on the same day; at the maximum it happens the next day.

For us, there is a laprocating process in the work, that is completely dependent on the quality of water and the sand filter is used to remove the turbidity. Our customers include Tata Motors, Volkswagen and Ashok Leyland. At Ranjangaon, the company is into Moulding, Painting, Plating on wheel covers.

Treating waste water is equal to using less of raw water. So it is very important. We send our treated water to MIDC’s centralized plant.

As far as WTE’s plants are concerned, the quality as compared to other water treatment companies, we have received the best service from WTE, also the work has been the best. Whenever we feel that there is need for any other plant or project related to water, we will choose WTE.

Arvind Kolte
Assistant Manager, Maintenance
Exotech Zanini Industries Pvt. Ltd

With an association going strong for over seven years now, Suruchi Diary Industries Pvt. Ltd, with an RO plant of 6000 liters per hour capacity, is one of the most important clients for WTE Infra Pvt. Ltd. WTE was asked to install this plant when Suruchi had started a new product specially for a client - Cadbury. Started in July 1997, the diary was initially only meant for chilling milk and milk products. “But then, on the very first day we collected 3000 liters of milk which went up to 15000 liters in 15 days,” says Uday Nimbalkar, Works manager, Suruchi Dairy.

Later they slowly started to process the milk and provide to other dairies. Soon bulk transportation of milk via tankers commenced in earnest. “In a matter of months, we were collecting 50-70 thousand liters and dispatching the same. Looking the demand graph, in 2000, we started our own pasteurized milk. By 2006 we were sending out 55 thousand liters milk per day,” informs Nimbakar.

2002 was an important year, even as Suruchi gained a major client: Cadbury India Ltd. Initially, for nine years they needed only milk, but in 2011 they asked for sweetened condensed milk. A separate plant was put up by Suruchi for preparing the milk and WTE played a role. “This is when we got RO from WTE, as for the condensed sugar, we needed RO water. So from 2011 till date, 60 tonnes of condensed milk goes to Cadbury India Ltd. (now Mondel?z International),” says Nimbalkar.

It was an urgent requirement for Suruchi to get an RO plant and out of all the applications that came in, WTE was selected. “The service by WTE has been really good. As far as spare parts are concerned, there is never a shortage of the same. Also, if we have any complaint, after just one call, a person comes immediately,” adds Nimbalkar. Out of the total 2 lakh liters of milk collected by Suruchi every day, a whopping 1.25 lakh liters is needed for the Cadbury plant.

According to Nimbalkar, waste water treatment plant has become important as water and rivers have started getting polluted in industrial areas like Ranjangaon. “Pollution here has increased a lot. Treating waste water is an amazing, long term solution. We have signed contracts to provide treated water for 15 acres farmlands where we send the water for sugarcane and onions plantations,” says Nimbalkar. While the ETP capacity is 1 lakh liters water, the dairy also regenerates 1 lakh liters of water, where condensed water is again collected in separately made storage tanks for the same.

From the year 1997, Suruchi has grown from a small dairy in Kondhapuri village to a household name in Pune, Mumbai and Ahmednagar. The company began its operations with the processing of milk and packing fresh cow’s milk for distribution in Pune and Mumbai.

Today, the company boasts of processing up to 3,50,000 litres of milk per day to produce a wide range of milk products like pouch milk, ghee, milk powder, paneer, sterilised flavoured milk, ice-cream, kulfi, shrikhand, amrakhand, dahi, lassi and buttermilk.

Suruchi Dairy
Keeping cool with RO water